Here’s a selection of shorter videos 3 min and under

Nepal’s 1st female Prime Minister becomes a pop culture icon. This piece for Search for Common Ground is about Singha Durbar, a Nepali television drama that details the inner workings of Nepal’s first fictional female PM.

Wafa Hamoudi was born and raised in one of Yemen’s most conservative communities where women are rarely allowed to work alongside men. With the support of Search for Common Ground, Wafa is challenging gender norms and breaking barriers by working as a mediator, bringing peaceful conflict resolution to her district.

These shorts are a look at the people behind the photos of TIME’s project The Opioid Diaries.

Sonita Alizadeh recorded “Daughters for Sale,” a rap song she wrote after learning her family intended to sell her into marriage for $9,000. The song—with lyrics like “I scream to make up for a woman’s lifetime of silence”—became an anthem in Afghanistan and elsewhere against the child-bride tradition. Alizadeh was one of TIME’s Next Generation Leaders for 2018.